It's all a big juggling act

Life - Work - Kids - Home 

How do we actually manage to get through life in this modern world where everything is moving at a million miles an hour?  

My life consists of a husband, 2 boys (9 and 7), a full time job, a house that was build in 1590 and needs constant attention, a full time job in London and That Lovely Stuff ( my dream).

Today I woke up feeling pretty shitty.  Just a cough and a cold, but I would have loved to have stayed in bed and crashed for the day.  But 7 am sees the boys asking for breakfast, followed by "where's my football kit" and so the day begins.  Fortunately, its Saturday and I'm in the shop.  The other half has the pleasure of taking the boys to football, followed by them all going to watch our local rugby team play.  All I have to do is pick them up at 5.30pm and sort out the dinner.

The day for me is sorting out the shop, ordering some lovely new goodies from our independent makes and generally chit chatting with some amazing customers.  Saturdays are all about friends popping in for a quick catch up and a cup of coffee. That as well as doing the accounts, cleaning the store room and working out what needs to go to the tip tomorrow.  My boys love our Sunday morning trip to the local recyling centre.  They think they'll get a McDonalds on the way back......

I'm sitting in the shop at 4.30 pm writing this and pondering when I will have the time to go and get my hair cut.  My nails haven't been manicured for about 3 years and they really need some attention.  But tomorrow morning I'll be up at the crack of dawn to go out for a run, then its off to Cricket for my eldest (he's lucky enough to be having county trials) and then yep - off to the tip we go.  After that, clean the house, sort dinner, walk the dog and get ready for the week ahead.  Oh well - the hair cut will have to wait another week......


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