Cast Iron Tapas dishes
Cast Iron Tapas dishes
Cast Iron Tapas dishes
Cast Iron Tapas dishes

Cast Iron Tapas dishes

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Tasty tapas, sides or even a pie for one can be baked, served and enjoyed with our Coalbrook Dishes, available in two sizes. Made from high quality cast iron, with each use, oils used when cooking reinforce the natural non-stick coating to make them last for years to come. Please note, during production our cast iron cookware is treated with refined soybean oil. For full care information please read the product specifications.

Small: H3 x W17.8 x D15cm
Large: H4.5 x W22.5 x D19.5cm

Crafted in Cast Iron
Before first use rinse with hot water and wipe dry
Do not clean with sharp cleaning tools or harsh chemicals
Cooking with fatty or oily foods will keep your cookware in great shape
Cast iron remains hot long after use therefore always use protection when handling
Do not pour cold water onto hot cast iron as this can damage the surface
Regularly season your cast iron cookware to maintain its non-stick coating
Ensure you follow the correct steps when using the item for the first time
Can be used on gas and induction hobs, in the oven and over open fire
For full usage, care, cleaning and maintenance information please download the care information below

Important: cast iron has been treated with refined soybean oil